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Geo-Information Management

We provide cutting-edge geo-information management services and solutions that can be tailored to specific requirements to help all sizes and types of organisations in a range of sectors to make better use of geographical information to aid their decision making and deliver real benefits

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting Services

  • GIS Software Installation and Configuration: Desktop, Server, Mobile and cloud
  • Spatial Databases: Design, Development, Management, Operations and Support
  • Web Mapping and Enterprise GIS: Design, Development, Hosting and Management
  • Mobile Geo-data Collection: Conversion, Migration and Management
  • GIS Applications: Mapping, analysis, Modelling, Visualization and Report
  • Spatial Data, Information and Knowledge Management
  • GIS Training: Customized Instructor-led GIS Courses

We power up GIS and add it to traditional ICT systems to enhance business processes, cut costs, lower risks, solve real challenges, increase benefits and create opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Remote Sensing Consulting Services

We integrate GIS with satellite and airborne remote sensing technologies for land cover/land use change detection, spectral analysis and image classification to manage and analyze data for natural and man-made resources management, environmental monitoring, climate change, and disaster risk management

We use various commercial and open source GIS, Remote Sensing and Database tools:

  • ArcGIS (Desktop, Enterprise, Mobile & Online)
  • MapInfo Pro/Discover, Surfer, Global Mapper
  • QGIS, Global Mapper, GeoServer, MapServer
  • PostgreSQL/PostGIS, MS SQL Server, Oracle
  • LiDAR, Drones, ASTER, SRTM, LANDSAT, etc.