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Our Core Team

Our Core Team has a wealth of experience, expertise and skills and plays an integral role in the continued success of INTEGEMS and holds responsibility for the strategic and operational management of INTEGEMS, supervising and supporting the technical, operational and administrative staff to ensure both our clients' needs and organisational values are met. 

Julius Mattai - Managing Director/ Principal Consultant

Julius Mattai is a highly qualified, multi-talented and technically skilled professional with 25 years working experience in both the private and public sectors in various leadership, management and technical roles in the Ukraine, United Kingdom, Sierra Leone and Liberia. He has profound working knowledge, skills, expertise and demonstrable hands-on experience in Environmental and Natural Resources Management; Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing; Management Information Systems (MIS); Data and Information Management Systems (IMS); Energy and Climate Change (Mitigation and Adaptation); Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Risk Management; Health Information Systems (HIS); Geology and Mineral Exploration.

As the Managing Director of INTEGEMS, Julius provides administrative, management and technical leadership in the provision of integrated GIS, geo-information, geological, socio-economic research and environmental management services and solutions to various public and private sector clients in Sierra Leone, Liberia and the UK. He commands outstanding leadership, management, organisational, analytical and inter-personal skills and experience with a verifiable track records of inspiring, motivating, empowering, developing and coaching various multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams and individuals in various challenging environments.

Samuella Faulkner - Operations Manager/Senior Consultant

Samuella Faulkner is a multi-skilled Senior Consultant with 10 working years of expertise in public and private sectors in various leadership, management and technical roles. She has profound knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in Research, Monitoring & Evaluation; Data and Information Management; Statistical Analysis; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, including Livelihood Restoration, Resettlement Action Plans, Community Relations and Stakeholder Engagements; Business Development and Project Management.

Samuella has effectively supervised, coordinated and contributed to various development projects and assignments, including Third Party Monitoring and Data Collection for UNDP Projects in Sierra Leone including Integrated Results and Resources Framework; Multi City Hazard Review and Risk Assessments and Damage and Loss Assessment for the World Bank; Environmental and Social Impact Assessment/ Abbreviated Resettlement Action Plan for Copperbelt Energy Corporation Africa-Sierra Leone; Climate Change Risk Management and Capacity Assessment for the Water Sector in Sierra Leone; Update of Sierra Leone Hazard Profile and Capacity Gap Analysis; Consulting Services for the Establishment of a Baseline Database of the Environmental Component of the Côte d'Ivoire-Liberia-Sierra Leone and Guinea (CLSG) Project Area in Sierra Leone; Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact Survey (ESIS) of Keimadugu Community within Shandong Steel (SL) Limited’s Tonkolili Iron Ore Project; and Support to Communication and Dialogue on Early Warning and Forecasting Products and Climate Information in Sierra Leone.

Prince K. Kemoi -Consultant/Facility Manager

Prince K. Kunda is a multi-skilled Consultant with 5 years working experience and expertise in Geographic Information System (GIS) using ESRI products (ArcGIS Desktop, Mobile and Server); Environmental and Natural Resources Management, including Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Climate Change and Disaster Management; Research, Monitoring and Evaluation; Geo-scientific Data and Information Management, including Geological Mapping and Interpretation; and Mineral Exploration and Mining. Has excellent working knowledge of various GIS, Web/ Content Management Systems,  and Database Management Tools to implement solutions for various projects. He also possesses good technical skills using mobile data collection tools using ESRI products (Collector for ArcGIS and Survey 123), GeoODK and Fulcrum and also IBM – SPSS and STATA for data analysis. 

Prince holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Pure and Applied Science with Honours in Geology Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone 2013.

Koinguma Baimba -Consultant/ICT Manager

Koinguma Baimba is a versatile Consultant with several years of professional experience. Koinguma provides leadership and end-user technical support, administration of various enterprise systems in the provision of integrated GIS, geo-information, geological, socio-economic research, environmental management, disaster management and drone services and solutions to various public and private sector clients in Sierra Leone, Liberia and the UK. He has expertise in designing, developing, and deploying websites, databases and electronic survey solutions using ESRI technology. Koinguma’s skills include; website development and hosting; developing and maintaining databases in MS Access, SQL Server and PostgreSQL; ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Online; Programming mobile data collection tools (Survey123, ODK etc.).

Koinguma holds a BSc in Pure and Applied Science (Geology) (2015, University of Sierra Leone).

Ibrahim Aziz Bangura - Consultant

Ibrahim Aziz Bangura is a multi-skilled Consultant with years of experience in the private sector. He is knowledgeable and has hand-on skills in: Climate Change; Disaster Risk Management; Research, Monitoring & Evaluation; Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing; Management Information Systems (MIS); Data and Information Management Systems (IMS); Web Content Management Systems; Environmental and Natural Resources Management; Geology and Mineral Exploration. His technical skills and competencies include: Joomla, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL; PostgreSQL/PostGIS; survey application software’s (Open Data Kit, GeoODK, Survey Solutions etc); ESRI products (Survey 123, Collector for ArcGIS); data analysis (IBM SPSS & STATA); and productivity tools (adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Google Data Studio).  Ibrahim has adaptive interpersonal skills, analytical & highly organized with valuable, resourceful and practical experience in Leadership & Management, including several supervisory roles in different projects.

Ibrahim holds a BSc degree in Geology, Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone (USL), (July 2014), with 2 professional on-line certificates: Climate Change Leadership, Uppsala University, Sweden (November 2016) and Climate Change & the Environment, Exeter University, England (March 2017).

Amilia Conteh -Consultant

Amilia Conteh Amilia Conteh is an articulate, and conscientious professional with years of technical experience in the use of Geographic Information Systems (both desktop and web based). She has working knowledge in fields like Geo-information Management, Environmental Management, Public and Occupational Health, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Geology and Mineral Exploration. Her work experience has increased her understanding in developing websites using the content management systems, maintaining geodatabases using Microsoft Access, SQL server, and PostgreSQL. She has worked across several projects by collecting data using advanced software tools like ODK, GeoODK, collector for ArcGIS, and Survey 123 for ArcGIS, interpreted data, managed data, and analysed data to meet client’s needs.

Amilia holds a BSc. (General), major in Geology and minor in Geography. She is fluent with written and spoken English Language.

Mansa-Musa Kamara -  Consultant

Mansa-Musa is a talented and multi-skilled professional with several years of working experience in the provision of professional and multi-disciplinary consultancy services to various public and private sector clients in GIS and Remote Sensing; Geo-scientific Data and Information Management, including Geological Mapping and Analysis; Exploration for Mineral Deposits; Air Quality; Energy; and Environmental and Natural Resource Management, including Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation, Environmental, Social and Health Impact Assessments (ESHIA), and Hazard Assessment & Disaster Management; in a fast-paced consulting environment.

He is proficient in Data Analysis and Management Information Systems (MIS) with profound working knowledge, skills, and demonstrable hands-on experience in the ESRI ArcGIS Technology, including ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server/AcrGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online; Spatial Database Management Systems, such as SQL Server and PostgreSQL/PostGIS, which he has successfully used in Air Quality; Water Quality and Hydrological Modelling using ArcHydro, HEC-RAS, and HEC GEOHMS; Web Development; Geohazard Mapping and Assessment; Disaster Management; and Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (RM&E). Mansa is highly skilled in the design and deployment of Mobile Data Collection (MDC) solutions, using Open Data Kit (ODK), Survey123 for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS, and the World Bank CAPI/CAPWI survey platforms.

Mansa holds a BSc Degree in Petroleum Engineering (2016, Russian Federation) and is very proficient in spoken and written English and Russian. He has outstanding leadership, management, organisational, analytical and inter-personal skills, and a proven ability to work with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams and individuals to successfully deliver objectives and designed outcomes.