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Some governments have a responsibility to undertake Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in relation to major development policies, plans and programmes. SEA requires a thorough appraisal of the social, economic and environmental implications of alternative future programmes, strategies or scenarios - and communication of this analysis to the wider public - with a view to identifying the best overall options, mechanisms to promote them, appropriate mitigation and an environmental management plan at the earliest stages of decision-making related to both environmental protection and sustainable development.

We undertake SEA as a generic and participatory tool to help to achieve sustainable development in public planning and policy making, and the implementation of the associated ideas of the ecosystem approach and the precautionary principle.We do so by:

      • Providing broader environmental vision
      • Considering the effects of proposed strategic actions (policy, programme and/or plan)
      • Identifying the best practicable environmental option
      • Providing early warning of cumulative effects and large-scale changes
      • Contributing to integrated policy-making and planning

How we can help you

We can help you to:

      • Improve the evidence base for strategic decisions
      • Incorporate sustainability principles in environmental and natural resource management
      • Influence and improve decision making in ways that ensure integration and sustainability of the environment.
      • Provide better context for assessment of cumulative effects
      • To streamline other processes such as Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) of individual development projects
      • To facilitate and respond to consultation with stakeholders