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Through our GIS-based Integrated Impact Assessment approach, we bring together components of environmental, health, social and other forms of impact assessments to seemlessly incorporate an exploration of all the different ways in which policies, programmes and/or projects may cummulatively and/or synergistically affect the environmental, social, economic dimensions of communities and people, including sustainability

Our multiskilled and interdisciplinary team combines, interpretes and communicates knowledge from diverse scientific disciplines in such a way that the whole chain of issues can be comprehensively and meaningfully assessed from a synoptic perspective with two characteristics: (i) it should have added value compared to single disciplinary assessment; and (ii) it should provide useful information to decision makers.

How we can help you

We can help you:

  • Assemble, summarize, organize, interprete and reconcile pieces of existing knowledge and communicatethem so that they are relevant and helpful to an intelligent but inexpert decision-maker.
  • Acknowledge the environment and human interactions and the impacts they have on each other over time.
  • Incorporate environmental assessment into the whole process of environmental policy planning, pulling together the impact of policies from different sectors over time and the existing opportunities to promote sustainable livelihoods and options
  • Inventory available resources which can be used as a starting opportunity for working towards sustainable development.
  • Develop appropriate measures to assess existing and changing pressures and opportunities in the environment, and achievements in reducing or containing these pressures and increasing available opportunities in a progressive movement towards sustainable development.