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Legislation requires that an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) be undertaken for many developments particularly where there is the potential for significant environmental effects.

Our services can take the form of individual specialist studies or as part of wider environmental appraisals, perhaps as part of a formal environmental impact assessment (EIA) and include:

  • Ecology and nature conservation studies.
  • Environmental water quality studies.
  • Freshwater and marine ecology
  • Landscape and visual impact assessment.
  • Noise, dust and air quality studies.
  • Rural economy
  • Socio-economics and social impact assessments
  • Traffic and transport studies/impact assessment


Our Approach to EIA

We work with our technical specialists and strategic partners to provide innovative, pragmatic and cost-effective advice and solutions to meet your specific environmental issues. Our key EIA services include:

  • Informal project screening and/or scoping at project feasibility stage
  • Environmental base line studies and condition assessments
  • Undertaking formal EIA screening and/or scoping
  • Managing the formal EIA process and preparation of Environmental Statement (ES) documentation
  • Co-ordination of in-house and/or external teams (or combinations) with or without a Planning consultancy element (i.e. working with external planners)
  • Liaison with client project teams
  • span>Consultation with regulators and stakeholders
  • EIA Project management
  • ES editorial/review role
  • Preparation of Environmental Supporting Statements (where formal EIA not required)