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Our world faces several unprecedented challenges and opportunities. The interdependency of the Earth’s ecosystems and the human impact on the environment present complex challenges to governments and businesses as well as specialists in every discipline, including environmental management - a difficult, complex, politically charged and vitally important issue. The tough challenges presented by environmental management also offer many opportunities for geospatial professionals to excel with creative and innovative applications and solutions.

when we think about the multitude of issues surrounding socio-economic and environmental management from drivers pressures state impacts to responses geography is clearly an elemental factor in equation every aspect environment its related socio-econmic facets affects or affected by be it at a global regional local level thus we see environmental management as a geographic problem, and we believe solving it takes a geo-information and GIS-based approach.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and integrated GIS, geo-information, remote sensing and environmental management services and application-specific solutions to various clients in both the public and private sectors.