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United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Sierra Leone has contracted INTEGEMS to support and improve climate monitoring and early warning systems through the enhancement of the technical and technology capacities of the relevant mandated institutions – Sierra Leone Meteorological Department (SLMD) in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation (MTA), the Office of National Security – Disaster Management Department (ONS-DMD),the ministry of water resources (MWR), and the Environment Protection Agency-Sierra Leone (EPA-SL).

The Project’s main objective is to establish a functional network of meteorological and hydrological monitoring stations to help understand better the weather and climatic changes overtime and provide timely information to avert any weather and climate change related disasters.

INTEGEMS will also develop and disseminate weather and climate information and warnings to the Government of Sierra Leone, the private sector and the general public to enable early preparation against disasters such as floods and other severe weather and agricultural stresses. Additionally, the Project is expected to integrate weather, hydro-meteorological, disaster management and climate information into national policy plans and the local government development plans.

Description of actual services provided by staff within the assignment:

  • Desk-based Review of Project’s Documents
  • Assessment of Communication Network Capability for CIDMEWS
  • Consultations with Stakeholders
  • Assessment of CIDMEWS Systems Using the UN-ISDR Framework
  • Needs Assessment of Information Systems and Networks
  • Assessment of ICT Networks and Tools
  • Deployment of Telecommunication Network Systems
  • Establishment of CIDMEWS
  • Production of CIDMEWS Cartographic Maps and Report
  • CIDMEWS Training and Capacity Building
  • Establishment of Institutional Mechanisms and Communications and Awareness Strategy
  • Establishment of Partnerships with NGOs and CBOs
  • Local Stakeholder Consultations and Community-Based Early Warning Systems (CBEWS)
  • Facilitation of CIDMEWS Stakeholder Consultative Workshop