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TRANSCO CLSG, a Regional Transmission Company set up under the West African Power Pool (WAPP), contracted INTEGEMS to undertake consulting services for the “Establishment of a Baseline Database of the Environmental Component of the CLSG Project Area in Sierra Leone”.  INTEGEMS specifically undertook water quality monitoring of the specified watercourse crossed by the corridor of the transmission line; preliminary characterization of the soils, vegetation and wildlife of the project area; and air quality and noise level monitoring in the settlements of the Project area. The project also includes field data monitoring and collection; data management and laboratory analysis and mapping; development and deployment of a Web-based GIS mapping application and database to support TRANSCO in its mission to streamline baseline environmental data-flows and provide accurate, reliable and timely baseline environmental data and information to policy-makers and the public.

The total length of CLSG interconnection line is approximately 1,411km and the section in Sierra Leone is 530km. Although the line route is 530km long, the actual area affected by the transmission line project is relatively small. The project will be carried out within a Right of Way (RoW) of 40 m that will span seven districts namely, Pujehun, Kenema, Kono, Tonkolili, Koinadugu, Bombali and Kambia for a distance of about 530km.

Description of actual specialities covered by staff within the assignment:

   Describe and locate the sampling and measurement points (their surroundings, GPS coordinates, photographs, mapping, etc.);

·         Analysis of the quality of the specified watercourses crossed by the transmission line through in-situ measurements and sampling;

·         Measurements of air pollutants in the towns of the Project area as specified in the ToR and interpretation of the measurement results;

 Environmental noise level measurements in residential and commercial areas within the specified Project towns and interpretation of the results;

·         Preliminary characterization of the soils of the Project area through reviews of existing information and establishment of the history of the site with a particular focus on eco-sensitive regions of the Project area.

 Characterization of the flora and fauna of the Project area through the review of existing information on the flora and fauna inventory of the natural and human environment. 
 Develop a study report constituting the database (object of the study) and attach all schedules (photographs, maps etc.).

Develop a Baseline Environmental Database and Geographic Information System – ( that integrates Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Management Information System (MIS) systems and mobile data collection technology to provide a family of sophisticated tools and Web services for collecting, managing, visualizing, mapping, analysing, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on various environmental components of the TRANSCO CLSG Project Area in Sierra Leone