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GIS Technology & Application

GIS technology and applications have revolutionized our ability to display, interpret and spatially analyze environmental data and information; enabling us to support practical and effective decision-making. We use advanced GIS tools and techniques to collect and integrate data, and to perform spatial analyses and produce GIS maps, 3-dimensional animations, graphics, and data tables.

Our thorough understanding of the latest GIS technology and applications and the concepts underlying GIS data, queries and codes in relational databases enable us to apply the most cost-effective solutions to respond to your. Our GIS-based approach to environmental management allows us to cost-effectively align your requirements with the right GIS solution - you define a vision for what you would like to achieve with GIS technology and we can help you deliver it. We can maintain the highest quality-control standards to ensure that your data is validated and as near perfect as possible

Desktop, Server and Web-based GIS

We have considerable experience in implementing several proprietary and open source Web-based and server-based GIS technology, including ESRI's ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, GeoServe, PostgreSQL/PostGIS technology. We help clients create interoperable and Web 2.0/3.0 systems that are platform independent and run on open TCP/IP-based networks and support multiple Web browsers, including server-side and/or client-side strategies and technologies.

Server GIS - Our expertise in server and database systems (e.g., ArcGIS for Server 10.x, MS SQL Server 2012/2014, FileMaker Server 13/14) allows us to assist our clients with developing, implementing and maintaining enterprise GIS, as well as taking care of tasks such as server configuration, networking, security, system documentation and user access.

Web GIS Mapping - We employ both commercial and open source Web GIS mapping options for sophisticated multi-user Web GIS application development (using various APIs for JavaScript, Flex and Silverlight, HTML 5, CSS3, etc) to present maps and data online, providing timely updates and a powerful way to visualize data.

Desktop GIS

Desktop applications are the heart of any GIS rollout. They are used to author the data that the system's users will visualise, query and analyse in order to make business decisions.  They also contain a full range of functionality and tools useful in undertaking the following:

Data Management

We have a deep understanding of the spatial datasets available on the market today, their relative merits (and demerits) and their suitability for various applications. We can optimise your organisation's access and use of spatial data in state of the art database management systems with easy to use user interfaces, high performance access utilities, metadata maintenance tools, security features and spatial and web enabling technologies.

Data Conversion 

We can convert your existing data to robust spatial data that will support your business needs. We use the best data conversion tools, geoprocessing models, extract/translate/load (ETL) tools and have many years of experience working with organisations to convert hard copy materials, CAD drawings and other formats to robust GIS database layers.

Data Creation

We can help you to leverage your spatial data and gain access to meaningful information with the development of GIS layers and integration of your data and workflows with other departments. Our services include: digitization of paper maps and figures into GIS-compatible format, CAD-to-Geodatabase data conversion, document conversion and rebuilding legacy applications to incorporate added functionality and to work in an upgraded environment.

Remote Sensing 

We can retrieve, geo-reference, ground-truth, enhance, classify and analyse the remotely sensed data and imagery you might need for your environmental and natural resources mapping and management.


Spatial Analyses 


We are skilled in a variety of spatial data analysis techniques. Our GIS-based analyses of distances, areas and volumes support sound sampling design, exposure assessments, and remedial design. In addition, we use surface interpolation to provide inputs to numerical models and to derive contours, slopes and aspect maps.


We are skilled in data modelling and can efficiently restructure and combine datasets from a variety of sources to ensure robust compatibility and data integrity.

Data Visualisation 

We can integrate large data sets from GIS, CAD, and other databases into realistic, volumetric 3-dimensional representations of complicated environmental phenomena.

Map Production 

We can provide you with customised maps in various sizes, scales and levels of detail. Our maps can incorporate both publicly available and site-specific information such as aerial maps, site survey information and CAD drawings of facility features.

Custom Cartography 

We have the kind of broad knowledge of cartography and GIS technology required to generate quality hardcopy cartographic products, dynamic map displays, interactive Internet mapping applications, map books and atlases, presentations and displays.